We're creating the next generation of Drupal talent

Drupal powers some of the busiest sites on the web, and can be adapted to virtually any visual design. A career in Drupal can offer a profitable and interesting career path, as well as opportunity to engage in the world’s largest and most active open source community. With this explosion in usage, we experience an ever growing need to hire people to build and maintain these sites. The challenge the community is facing is one of supply and demand. Simply put, there just aren’t enough people to fill the needs.  At any given time in the past 6 months, job aggregator Indeed.com had over 2,500 open positions across the US for Drupal talent.

How do we close the gap?  Find the people with the right passion and grow their talent from the inside-out. We're not looking for people with years and years of Drupal experience. We're looking for people who are curious, motivated, determined, and who can inspire a little crazy in us all. At Acquia, culture and a person's POTENTIAL to contribute and grow with us matters. A lot. These are the underpinnings of a successful candidate.


What is AcquiaU?

AcquiaU is a rigorous and unique 14-week Drupal talent incubator program that is designed to tap into a person’s POTENTIAL. Our goal is to attract, grow, and retain new talent in the Drupal community.

Who has walked through these doors?  AcquiaU graduates come from backgrounds in dance, film editing, industrial design, US Armed Services, web design, writing, and teaching - just to name a few.  This breadth of experience brings a unique diversity to each class.

What you'll get:

  • Formal classroom learning on Drupal, Acquia Products and other web tech
  • Professional Development and coaching
  • Independent projects
  • Direct mentorship with experienced Acquians
  • On-the-job training with job rotations
  • A chance to Give Back More with community events like Hack-a-Thons for Charity
  • Opportunity for employment at Acquia or one of our partners