Sonya Kovacic

AcquiaU Session: 
2015 Summer Session

From Bostonology to Drupal

My background and interests are in the intersection of technology and culture. I graduated with a degree in anthropology and spent part of my college career in Latin America looking at how marginalized cultures represent themselves in a globalized world. After college, I worked for a study abroad/international development organization in Costa Rica before becoming a research coordinator at the Boston Medical Center’s OBGYN. My most recent position has been at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT where I first learned how to use Drupal.

At MIT I helped manage web content as well as created websites using MIT's Drupal Cloud Platform. After taking a two day course on Drupal, it hit me that there was so much more I wanted to do with Drupal. And I’m excited for the opportunity to learn more about Drupal.

Among many reasons, I'm attracted to Acquia because I like creating digital experiences. For the past year my friend and I have worked on creating ephemeral experiences in the digital space with simple e-mails. Our e-mails are about Boston and include a theme, a photo, and a piece of trivia. A surprising result has been the sense of community that the e-mails have created. And I'm excited to join another community in Acquia.

Fun fact: In 1999-2000 I created a very basic html website dedicated to Destiny's Child (my favorite group at the time) and predicted Beyonce would be a huge star.