Nick Delrossi

AcquiaU Session: 
2015 Summer Session

Coding for Ping Pong Challenges

I first became interested in programming when I was a teenager after signing up for an introductory course in high school. The language was QBASIC and I was instantly hooked as soon as it began. I spent a lot of time learning the fundamentals by making simple video games and other programs.

Throughout my twenties I dabbled in many other programming languages and technologies but I never had the work ethic required to make a full career of it. I bounced around working at different places, eventually settling at Xerox working in printing and desktop publishing. I enjoyed my time there but in the back of my head I always knew that a dev job is what I really wanted.

A few years ago I became much more driven and renewed my interest in software and web development. I began working hard on many personal projects outside of work with the goal to eventually switch careers. I spent some time working with mobile and desktop programming but ultimately fell in love with the web.

I learned about Acquia from a friend who recently finished going through the AcquiaU program. When she described the program to me it sounded amazing so I immediately applied. I had no prior Drupal experience before applying to AcquiaU but I always look forward to the challenge of learning a new technology.

Outside the dev world I have many different interests. I enjoy playing guitar, video games, ping pong and fantasy football. I love craft beer and quality coffee. I have a ferocious cat named Pippa and an awesome fiancé named Becky who I will be marrying in October. The three of us moved to Somerville a couple years ago and have been loving it there ever since.