Nathaniel Hoag

AcquiaU Session: 
2011 Fall Session

The Quiet One

I came to Acquia U with Drupal admin chops and front-end experience from several years of building and maintaining websites for non-profits. But as a degreed naturalist and self-taught technologist, there were a lot of gaps in my abilities to support and maintain Drupal sites and to navigate high availability hardware.

Acquia U broke down a lot of perceived barriers for me. We dove head-first into the command line, created Drupal core patches with webchick, and learned PHP well enough to teach beginner courses. After the initial Acquia U training, I rotated through several engineering teams where I built Drupal modules, drush commands, and javascript plugins with help from extremely knowledgable mentors.

After Acquia U, I transitioned to the Support team where I was eventually nicknamed "Titanic" in association with resolving a high rate of "iceberg" (deep and complex) support requests. After a stint in Support, I then transitioned to the Acquia Ready team where I've facilitated many successful site migrations and launches for new customers on Acquia Cloud.

Acquia U was a pivotal experience that opened up a lot of new possibilities. I'm glad to see Acquia U coming back, and to anyone who might be "on the fence" I highly recommend taking the leap.