Kerry DeVito

AcquiaU Session: 
2014 Winter Session

The one true Kerry Dorito

Four years after graduating college with a degree in English Literature, six months after receiving my Master of Fine Arts, and one month after quitting my job in publishing, I came to AcquiaU to pursue my passion. As a writer and recent college grad, the most important thing for me to do was to have a blog (while searching desperately for a full-time job). I embraced the blogging community immediately, and soon began obsessing about more than just the words on my site. I learned how to create customized layouts to make it uniquely my own. I taught myself HTML and CSS through countless online tutorials, Google searches, videos, library books, whatever I could get my unemployed hands on. I had accidentally found a new hobby that would end up changing my life. Once I finally found a full-time job in Boston, I was still coding on the side. I began to think of it as poetry. I came home from work in the evenings and pulled up personal projects, which soon turned into freelance projects. A friend recommended that I check out Girl, Develop It, a local Boston MeetUp that frequently runs workshops for women learning to code. The moment I caught myself dreaming about CSS and coding during lunch breaks, I realized that this was it. It was a dream worth pursuing, this web design thing. And so I did. When I discovered AcquiaU, after countless hours of researching tech boot camps, I thought it was absolutely too good to be true; but there was no catch. I had little to no knowledge of Drupal, as I worked mostly with (gasp) WordPress, and no degree in Computer Science to back me up. I truly did not expect it, but weeks later I received an email accepting me into the program. Today, I’m living proof that you actually can make your dreams come true, whatever obstacles may stand in your way. With the right mixture of hard work, patience, and a heavy dose of AcquiaU, you can do it, too.