Jaleel Carter

AcquiaU Session: 
2014 Winter Session

The machine

I was born and raised in Roxbury, MA and attended college in Maine where I received a BA in Economics and minor in Japanese. After college, I worked in the banking industry as a collateral analyst until I was laid off after an acquisition. I took the layoff as an opportunity for a fresh start and, after a bit of soul searching, decided to pursue a career in web development.

After the layoff I began working as a webmaster at a non-profit and helped migrate their static HTML site to a new CMS. In addition to being a webmaster I was also the office IT guy responsible for helping staff with technical issues. As the site matured my responsibilities grew, and eventually I began handling online event marketing, membership management, and ecommerce. After several years I left to join a bio tech firm as a webmaster where I helped manage several Sitecore sites.

Before joining AcquiaU, I worked as a webmaster and IT support person for a family owned business specializing in film and tv production equipment rentals. I became interested in Drupal while looking for a CMS to replace their outdated ecommerce platform. Although I had some experience working with CMSs in the past, I was new to Drupal. Through a combination of instructor led training, books, and online tutorials, I migrated their site to Drupal.

One of the things that I liked most about Drupal is it's community. My participation in the Drupal community began as a volunteer at a Drupal design camp. I had so much fun meeting people and learning Drupal that I volunteered the following year. I also started participating in local Drupal meetups and was fortunate enough to attend Drupalcon Denver, Portland, and Austin.

Strangely enough, I ran into a few of my AcquiaU classmates at some of these Drupal events. Doris Wong and I both attended a Drupal design camp in 2014. Matt Dooley and I were at the same meetup when this iteration of AcquiaU was announced. I met Stephen Bresnick a few weeks later at a New England Drupal camp.

AcquiaU is an outstanding opportunity, and I'm really glad I made the decision to apply. My resolution this year is to increase my participation in community events and my contribution to Drupal 8.