Danny Willford

AcquiaU Session: 
2015 Summer Session

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Danny Willford is a freelance web developer who got his start by making local band websites when he was in high school. Web development originally was just a hobby and not something he thought would ever pay the bills, but one weekend he was invited to an event called Startup Weekend where for 54 hours straight he had to team up with strangers and create a business idea with an MVP (minimum viable product). This got his blood boiling and made him realize what he wanted to do.

Danny stumbled onto Drupal with his last employer. He also found that using Drupal at additional Startup Weekend events gave him the opportunity to pump out a quick MVP that was great looking and functional. Thanks to Drupal, his team took second place at Startup Weekend Houston in 2012.

Danny is an avid gaming geek. Board games, computer games, console games, you name it and he loves it. He attends conventions and is an active member of a D&D group. Please don't judge him, and know that it isn't contagious. He also loves pool and was able to win a free ride to the APA National 9-ball Championship in Las Vegas in 2013.

Danny moved to Boston from a small town called Peoria, IL which is home to Caterpillar Tractors where his father has worked for 26 years. But he is very excited to start his journey in Boston with AcquiaU!