Colin Packenham

AcquiaU Session: 
2014 Winter Session

From settling Catan to developing with Drupal

It’s been quite a big jump coming to Acquia, I have worked as a mover, a carpenter, a butcher, a rock climbing instructor, and an industrial designer making computer cases. The switch was not so jarring as I originally thought it would be. I have always had an interest in the open-source community, though often in the more Hardware oriented areas. My interest started early, taking apart toys from goodwill to explore the little PCBs within, lots of scribbles and circuit drawings attempting to make sense of it, and several solder burns trying to combine them into something like Voltron. This interest was always a side thing as I went through high school, coming more to the forefront as I went to Rochester Institute of Technology for Industrial Design. There I learned, amongst other things, just how little I actually knew about everything. My hobby came more to the forefront, heavily tempered and galvanized by the design process, and a larger growing interest in the more formal open source community. A healthy diet of board games constantly pushing me to think in new ways, and a constant desire to learn new skills was fostered. I first heard about Acquia from my sister, and from there I heard about the AcquiaU program. I came to the program with a pure desire to learn more about Drupal, though I was worried that my inexperience with Drupal, and programming languages; I quit my previous job the next day, and in three days I was on the AcquiaU campus, excited and ready to learn.