AcquiaU Students

2015 Summer Session

From Peace Corps to Drupal
Wandering Nomad finds AcquiaU
Socially Responsible Technology
Think It, Build It
Converting the World to Drupal, One Company at a Time
Coding for Ping Pong Challenges
From Bostonology to Drupal
Finance by Day, Aspiring Drupalist by Night
Always smiling
Betting on Acquia
Certified Nerd and Goof-ball

2014 Winter Session

No, I won't move to Boston
From Peace Corps to Drupal
Former graphic designer turned full-fledged Drupalist
The one true Kerry Dorito
From settling Catan to developing with Drupal
Drupalicious Educator
The Ferdinand of AcquiaU
To the Front and Back
Working my way from hobbyist to professional
Hockey and Triathlons and WebDev and Screen printing!
The machine
Not a crazy web developing cat lady yet...

2011 Fall Session

Co-director of the Acquia U pilot
Co-director of the AcquiaU pilot
He's going to code!
The Quiet One
The One and Only
Drupal Laser Party!
From Dance Major to Front-End Developer