AcquiaU Students

2015 Summer Session

From Peace Corps to Drupal
Wandering Nomad finds AcquiaU
Always smiling
Betting on Acquia
Certified Nerd and Goof-ball
Socially Responsible Technology
Think It, Build It
Converting the World to Drupal, One Company at a Time
Coding for Ping Pong Challenges
From Bostonology to Drupal
Finance by Day, Aspiring Drupalist by Night

2014 Winter Session

From Peace Corps to Drupal
No, I won't move to Boston
Working my way from hobbyist to professional
Hockey and Triathlons and WebDev and Screen printing!
The machine
Former graphic designer turned full-fledged Drupalist
The one true Kerry Dorito
From settling Catan to developing with Drupal
Drupalicious Educator
The Ferdinand of AcquiaU
To the Front and Back
Not a crazy web developing cat lady yet...

2011 Fall Session

Co-director of the Acquia U pilot
Co-director of the AcquiaU pilot
He's going to code!
Drupal Laser Party!
From Dance Major to Front-End Developer
The Quiet One
The One and Only