Ready to Jump In?

Are You Ready To Jump In?

AcquiaU is a great way to kickstart your career in Drupal and with Acquia. This program requires a commitment on both your part and on our part. You will need to dedicate yourself to the program in the same way you would for a full-time job. This is an intense learning program with daily classroom learning and lab work, group and individual projects, and evening-time dedicated to assignments and social/community activities. We estimate that you will spend 270+ hours in this structured environment and then begin your job rotations.

Our application process begins with a quick survey to answer some basic questions about your interest and your availability. The survey is open year-round because we want to know you’re out there. Approximately two months before program launch, we will open the formal application process where you can submit your resume and officially become a candidate. From there, we will review resumes, narrow down the candidate pool, and schedule video and in-person interviews.

Are you ready? Jump on in!! We can’t wait to meet you!

What, if any, emerging web technology are you most excited about?

Do you have any previous experience with Web Development? Please select all that apply.

We want to hire great people! Our goal is to bring you through an extensive Acquia Drupal paid-training program and hire you! We do want you to acknowledge however, that we can't guarantee you a permanent position at Acquia or one of our Partners at the end of the program. I acknowledge that there is no guarantee.

While we strive to hire all our successful participants at Acquia or assist with networking with our partners, we can't guarantee a placement. If you do not acknowledge that there is no guarantee, we unfortunately can't accept you into the program.

We run our programs twice a year, typically in the Spring and Fall. Select the program you'd like to be notified about.

Please describe your US work authorization.

If at the end of the program you are offered a full-time position, would you relocate to work with us in Boston, Washington DC, or Portland, OR?

For the program to be successful after you finish, it's critical you are based out of an Acquia office where you can get mentoring and ongoing support. Inability to permanently relocate can impact your acceptance. We will keep your data on file, but you may wish to apply at a later date.

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Thank you for the interest in the AcquiaU program. If we are currently accepting applications, you will be redirected to the Acquia career site to formally submit your resume. If our application process is not currently open, we will keep your information on file and reach out for our next session. But don't be a stranger! Check back soon and remember to follow us on Twitter

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