Frequently Asked Questions

Acquia University Drupal Development Program is a rigorous fourteen-week talent incubator program designed to grow the next generation of Drupal talent for Acquia. The program is comprised of classroom learning, independent projects, direct mentorship, on-the-job training, and job rotations with customer-facing teams across Professional Services and Customer Support.

Have you tried to hire a skilled Drupalist? With over 12% of the web's presence built on Drupal, there just aren't enough people out there with the right set of skills to support this rapid growth. Acquia University's challenge is to accelerate the careers of talented people and create lifelong Drupalists for Acquia - people who are creative and passionate, and can inspire a little crazy in us all. The program also offers Acquia an opportunity to contribute back to the community by leading an initiative to focus Drupal learning around specific job roles and functions to better prepare people for a long-term career.

Anyone can apply, however we do not sponsor work visas at this time. When we look for strong candidates, we are looking for people with POTENTIAL - those who have the potential to be great Drupalists who want to work with Acquia to grow the company and build the Drupal community. We have a special focus on recruiting returning US Veterans, women who code, and other under-represented people in the tech sector. Like any hire at Acquia, they have to embody our core values. They don't have to have a Drupal background but they do need to have 1-3 years of experience, inclusive of work experience, internships, personal projects, and college study in:

Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP or any modern content management system
Programming experience: PHP, JavaScript, Microsoft ASP or ASP.NET, Python, Java, or virtually any other language commonly used in the creation of web sites

Yes, all member of the program will be paid at the program-salary rate for 40 hours per week. For some, the salary rate during the program may represent an increase to current earnings, while for others it may represent a decrease. If you're unsure, contact us.

We can certainly give you advice on lodging options, you are responsible for arranging and paying for transport and lodging. We took this expense into consideration when setting the in-program salary.

The program is structured so that each successful graduate of the program has an opportunity to interview for a full-time position with Acquia. During the planning portion for each session, we work with the Acquia teams and hiring managers to identify and hold jobs for people completing the program. If we accept 10 people into the program, there are 10 open positions available to fill. During the application process, we are very transparent about what these jobs will be, the salary, and the minimum hiring requirements. It will be up to applicants to decide if those jobs are in their career future and continue or withdraw from the application process. In the event that Acquia is not your dream company and you entered into the program on good faith, we will help you network throughout the Drupal community, but it will be up to you to secure your own job.

At this moment, we don't have the capacity to sponsor student/work visas. Applicants must be able to work for any employer in the United States.

The program is scheduled to run to times in 2015. Additional sessions iwill be announced on the AcquiaU Twitter feed and on this site.