A Drutopia Sprint and Platform Cooperative Governance Workshop

November 3rd - 5-9pm - at Canopy.city in Somerville, 14 Tyler St.

Drutopia is a free/libre open source software project and platform cooperative for grassroots organizations— an alternative to SquareSpace and NationBuilder.

The Drutopia leadership team will give a "State of Drutopia" presentation on where the project is now and where it's going.

In true open-source fashion, we will dive in and work on the project together. We gladly welcome contributions of all skill levels and disciplines— such as publicity, operations, persona and user story writing, code. Several Drutopia contributors will be present to give information or assistance throughout the sprint.

We will end with an open discussion on platform coop governance and software community governance.

At 6:30pm, Agaric will provide pizza (including vegan pizza, and other food if requested).

Questions or requests: micky@agaric.com

Note to freelancers:
Canopy is a different type of co-working space - it is an accelerator! The canopy staff takes great care to get to know what members are working on and they make introductions and connections that bring people and projects together. If you are a freelancer and you have been to co-working spaces, chances are that you sat alone at your rented desk and did your work. Perhaps you said hello to a few people, but did you make any real lasting connections?

Come and visit the canopy culture! They also have a partnership with a hardware co-working space across the street called GreentownLabs, and the Artisans Asylum is right next door!