Where can you go from here?

There are a lot of possibilities for career growth after Acquia U. Most of our participants will expect to work at Acquia in a client-facing role, as a member of the Professional Services team, the Support Team, or the Acquia Ready team. Some of our graduates might land in the engineering or product teams, depending upon your background coming into the program and the hiring needs of Acquia at the time.

If working for Acquia is not for you, we will work with our many partners within the Drupal community to find a suitable fit for someone with your background and expertise. Upon completion of the program, you will have a strong knowledge and experience with Drupal site building, an understanding of themeing and custom module development, working knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript, and experience with agile software development. These skills are readily transferable to countless jobs in Drupal and software development, customer service and client interaction.

Of course, as a Drupal professional, you can also opt to freelance as a site builder, front end developer, back end developer, content administrator, or e-commerce professional. With Drupal, the sky is the limit. As we like to say at Acquia, "Dream it, Drupal it."

Why Drupal?

There’s no question that Drupal is one of the hottest web technologies out there. A career in Drupal can offer a profitable and interesting career path, as well as opportunity to engage in the world’s largest and most active open source community. Drupal powers millions of websites, and with this explosion comes an ever growing need to hire people to build and maintain these sites. The challenge the community is facing is one of supply and demand. Simply put, there just aren’t enough people to fill the needs.  At any given time in the past 6 months, job aggregator has over 2,500 open position across the US for Drupal talent.

AcquiaU: one company's approach to the talent shortage

"Recently, the number of Drupal websites on the web surpassed a million and that number will no doubt continue to grow. While there is plenty of interest from businesses, nonprofits, and government entities in implementing Drupal websites, a big challenge remains: the relative scarcity of talent."

Acquia’s strategy to address the ever-growing need? Build a program that will attract, grow, and retain new talent in the Drupal community. We’re taking on a more structured approach to ramping up new people into Drupal - one that will capitalize on the content created by the community, more formally bring people through a hands-on learning process, and offer opportunities to engage in Real Play- a learning approach that presents real business problems and uses them as the basis for real-time learning. With this program, we’re trying to not only close the talent gap, we’re trying to inspire the next generation of Drupalists to learn the basics and choose a career path; one that will be equal parts hard work, professional advancement, and personal fulfillment.