Ubies Who Code

Written by: Amy Parker

On June 1st, AcquiaU welcomed 8 new aspiring Drupalists who will spend the next 14 weeks in an intense customized tech boot camp that give participants hands-on experience in Drupal, Acquia Products, business frameworks and tools as a means to prepare them to be hired into our Customer Success, Engineering and Product Development teams. Participants are also eligible for hire with Acquia’s partner network. This session’s group brings a wealth of experience: PHP, front-end design/development, and object oriented programming to name a few, and come from as far as California and Illinois to jump into the program. We did a quick heat map of the skills they bring to the table and we are quite impressed!

Getting Set Up in Presales

Written by: Stephen Bresnick

The 13 weeks of Acquia U went by in the blink of an eye, but the final push to get a job was a complete blur. We finished up our rotations and began interviews in the same week. We cased out the jobs and teams that were of greatest interest to us, and we jumped in and owned it. The sheltered existence of our little enclave within the company dissipated before our eyes, and before we knew it, we were full-fledged Acquians.

Next AcquiaU Session June 1st!

Written by: Amy Parker

Coming off of a very successful re-launch of their unique Drupal talent incubator program, Acquia is actively recruiting students for the June session of AcquiaU. During the 14 weeks of intense hands-on learning, students are exposed to a three-track learning curriculum. Content includes Drupal and related web tools and technology, Acquia products and services, and skill development in leadership, communication, team building, and best practices in code review, Agile, and customer engagements.

Global Sprint Day 2015

Written by: Jaleel Carter

On Saturday January 17th, I attended the Global Sprint Day at Genuine Interactive interactive in Boston. The event was co-sponsored by Genuine Interactive, Own Sourcing and Acquia. We started the day with a overview of the agenda, then we split into pairs or small groups to work on Drupal core issues. I had a great time working on a few novice issues before helping out with issues related to the Migrate module. If you're interested in contributing, here are some resources I found:

Your community is your network

In 2008, I was working at a job I really LOVED, but it was a small company and I had to admit, I wasn't really expanding my skills or developing in terms of my career. One of the things I did in my role was develop sites in Drupal and other CMSs. I was also lecturing part-time at third-level (an IT, teaching intro programming and digital tech), and I knew I loved teaching very much. Out of curiosity, I went to a Drupal event down in Galway even though I didn't think I was "hard core" enough to attend a real developer event.