AcquiaU: One company's approach to the talent shortage

"Recently, the number of Drupal websites on the web surpassed a million and that number will no doubt continue to grow. While there is plenty of interest from businesses, nonprofits, and government entities in implementing Drupal websites, a big challenge remains: the relative scarcity of talent."-

Acquia’s strategy to address the ever-growing need? Build a program that will attract, grow, and retain new talent in the Drupal community. We’re taking on a more structured approach to ramping up new people into Drupal - one that will capitalize on the content created by the community, more formally bring people through a hands-on learning process, and offer opportunities to engage in Real Play- a learning approach that presents real business problems and uses them as the basis for real-time learning. With this program, we’re trying to not only close the talent gap, we’re trying to inspire the next generation of Drupalists to learn the basics and choose a career path; one that will be equal parts hard work, professional advancement, and personal fulfillment.